Internet Poker – Where Does It Come From?

Everyone who wants to learn poker dreams of winning in a web poker tournament after all. Becoming a highly professional poker player is next to impossible without knowing the history, general rules, and basic strategies of poker games.

Besides, to become a good internet poker player one should always keep up-to-date – read the latest poker reviews, new poker books to know what happens in the world of poker.  We’ll tell you more about that. To start with, have a look at the schedule of the most popular online poker tournaments currently held.

Scholars seem to disagree on the origin of Poker game. Besides, they insist there is no clear or direct early ancestor of the game. Most probably, modern Poker is a combination of many different games. The consensus is that poker is a very ancient game because of its basic principal.

The origin of the word Poker is also a subject of debate. The prototype of Poker was played in France and in Germany. Most historians say it comes from a French game poque that appeared in about 18th century. Some dictionaries provide references to pochspiel, which is a German game. In pochspiel, there was an element of bluffing – if players wanted to pass or open, they would knock on the table and say “Ich Poche!” (I knock!). The game was played with different card decks. It later evolved to include 32 cards, and eventually the modern day deck of 52 not counting the two wildcards.

Jonathan H. Green made one of the earliest written references to Poker in 1834. In his writing, Green described the rules of a cheating game, which was then widely played on Mississippi riverboats. The game he described was played with 20 cards, using only court cards – A, K, Q, J, and tens. Each of two to four players was dealt five cards. Poker had become the number one bluffing game on the Mississippi boats, where gambling was a common pastime.

The poker slang and the game itself have become integrated into American and English cultures. Such phrases and clichés as ace up ones sleeve, poker face, ace in the hole, beats me, wild card, blue chip, call ones bluff, cash in, when the chips are down, and others are used in everyday conversation. And very often people do not even know where those phrases come from.

Poker is indeed the King of all card games. More and more people take up the game every day. It is not only about money. It is that online and offline poker becomes a very important sporting event featuring poker schools, poker tournaments and poker prizes. As a beginner, at this site you’ll find plenty of background poker information, which would make you aware of what poker is about and help you feel more confident. After you learn poker rules , history of the card game, basic strategies and professional tips, you will be ready to enter for a beginners poker tournaments where they play with ‘for fun’ money. When you gain enough practice and experience you’ll be able to demonstrate your skills to your fellow players!


Here are some of the common behaviors observed when playing casino game roulette: avoid tossing chips when placing bets, chips should be placed properly on the board; changing cash or chips should be done in between spins; the dealer considers bets when he has time, he announces whether the bet has been counted or not; food and drinks are not allowed over the table; and always remember to give a tip to the casino games dealer as a respect.

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